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Current Version:3.7 (Semptember 23nd, 2014)

Gmail Notifier Plus is a small application used to monitor multiple Gmail and Google Apps Mail accounts from a single, compact point. With its slick, native look, GNP notifies you in a variety of ways of your new mail, and allows you to quickly nagivate older new mail without opening a browser.

System Requirements: Windows 7/8, .NET 4.0 (download)



Current Version:1.0.1 (May 30th, 2013)

Brew is an open source library of interface components for ASP.NET which utilitizes jQuery and jQuery UI. If Brew looks familiar, that's for good reason. Brew is a heavily refactored fork of the Juice UI project.

System Requirements: Windows, .NET 4.5 (download)



Current Version:1.1 (January 19th, 2013)

Simple Power Plus is a small application that provides access to power options in Windows. Designed for use in Windows 8 desktop mode, without a Start Menu replacement.

System Requirements: Windows 7/8, .NET 4.0 (download)


Rumshot isn’t your average screenshot utility. Rumshot uses themes to generate stylish screenshot previews, in addition to saving your screenshot in a number of formats.

System Requirements: Windows 2000+, .NET 2.0+ (download)